Baby Car Seat Reviews

Baby Car Seat Reviews 2016

Baby car seats are not only a legal requirement when transporting your child in a car, but they are essential in helping to protect your child should an accident or collision occur. Manufacturers of baby car seats conduct thorough crash testing and usability studies in order to ensure they not only meet the high safety standards demanded by safety regulators, but also to ensure the right level of comfort and ease of use for both the child and parent respectively.

The purpose of our baby car seat reviews is to assist you in making an informed decision about which car seat is most suitable for you.

Baby Car Seats:  Selection Criteria for Review Models

The baby car seats that we selected for our car seat reviews where from established manufacturers that have subjected their products to thorough testing and in many cases, exceeding the safety standards required by regulatory bodies. Other key considerations when selecting the car seats for review was the build quality and general ease of use features available, making them easy to install correctly, adjust to your growing child, comfort and durability.

Safety is the single most important factor when selecting a baby car seat. All car seats reviewed have been safety tested and certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as it required by law.

There are two types of bay car seats available in the market; Rear-facing car seats are the safest option for your baby and it is highly recommended to keep your baby in this position for as long as possible. Convertible car seats can be used as rear facing until your child reaches the specified height or weight limits for this position, after which they can be switched round to front-facing car seats. The benefit is this is that you get a lot more years usage from the car seat. Some convertible car seats also allow for the removal of the back section thus converting again into a booster seat for when your child reaches the necessary age, height and weight requirements. Download your free Car Safety Guide below for a quick reference to buying the right baby car seat.

In our car seat reviews, we focused on the best car seats within an affordable price range suitable for most families. We have organized these reviews in to two separate sections; baby car seats reviews and the convertible car seat reviews. While some parents will prefer the convenience of the smaller baby car seats (rear facing only) to carry and transfer to and from the car, others may prefer the idea of not having to purchase another car seat as your child outgrows the rear-facing only seat. In this case the convertible car seat may be the best option.

We believe that we have selected a good cross section of the best baby car seats in our reviews, which are priced competitively while offering some of the best safety features available in the market.