bObsweep bObi Review


bObsweep bObi Vacuum Review

The bObsweep bObi robot vacuum is a cost effective machine if your are looking to automate the cleaning in your home. It is one of the easiest to setup and use, so you can be familiar with its functions in no time. In fact, there are just three buttons on the top of this robot vacuum so you can quickly select which mode you want.

The design of the unit makes it easy to replace damaged parts at home with no outside service required. Replacement parts can be purchased on the bObsweep website.


One of the best features of the bObsweep bObi is its ability to use UV rays for sanitizing. Bacteria growth is discouraged as this robovac sterilizes and deep-cleans your floors. Carpet and hard-surface cleaning are both easily handled by this unit, although the results on hard surface are notably better. Specially designed brushes pick up pet hair efficiently, while a special mop feature lets bObi clean up small spills and stains. The bObsweep bObi also has a spot-cleaning capability, which focuses its attention on one specific area, and comes with HEPA filter installed.

A slight negative on the bObsweep bObi is the lack of an indicator to let you know when the debris bin is full, so you must keep track and empty as needed. With a cleaning time of around 2 hours it has plenty of cleaning ability and as is standard with robot vacuums these days, it returns to the dock before running out of power.


The bObsweep bObi comes with a remote control so that it can be directed by the user when going into areas where it should not go. If you have a larger home, you should note that there is no way to set the cleaning boundaries of the bObsweep bObi, which is its main weakness when compared to other models in our robot vacuum reviews.

With a height of only 3.2 inches tall, this robot vacuum can fit easily under cupboards, beds etc…  but you still feel the navigation of the unit is not as slick as some of the higher priced vacuums reviewed.

bObsweep bObi – REVIEW SUMMARY

If you have never used a robot vacuum before, the bObsweep bObi is a great place to start. Super easy to use and navigate, bObsweep provides the simplicity to make you a quick learner. There are plenty of tutorials on the website and the user manual covers the basics of what you need to know. Though it lacks the ability to set cleaning-area boundaries, it makes up for it with its ability to sanitize and mop. Warranty is 1-year with 5-year subsidized repair, and unlimited lifetime after-sale support. Competitive pricing will no doubt  be sufficient for the capable bObsweep bObi to capture it’s share of an ever growing and competitive market.

Charging Station + Adapter | Remote Control | Mop Attachment | X-amplified Battery |

Blö Bristled Brush (installed) | Rubber Duster Brush (installed) | Side Brush (installed) |

Hepa Filter (installed) | Spare Black Bristled Brush | Spare Side Brush | 2 Microfiber Mopping Cloths (1 spare) |

Spare HEPA Filter | Blindfold Stickers | Owner’s Manual | Quick Start Guide | Warranty Card