Britax Chaperone Baby Car Seat


Britax Chaperone Baby Car Seat Review

The Britax Chaperone is a rear facing baby car seat that considers safety and protection a top priority. The car seat is equipped with various safety features not often found in many car seats, but one of these features with the anti-rebound bar may be difficult to fit into some smaller vehicles. The car seat is able to suit babies as small as 4 pounds, and can carry them safely up to 30 pounds.


The anti-rebound bar on the base of this car seat greatly enhances the car seats ability to minimize forces due to impact from the front or back. This bar, however, can be difficult to use in smaller vehicles, but work fine in mid and larger cars. As with all baby car seats these days, the Britax Chaperone meets all Federal Safety Regulations for car seats, and includes extra foam for smaller babies as light as 4 pounds. The sturdy head wings provide extra energy absorbing head protection, and the bubble level indicators ensure the seat has been strapped and installed into the car evenly.

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Ease of Use

The Britax Chaperone offers quite a bit in terms of convenience, and this is a seat that can be used with various different strollers using only the adaptor strap. What this means is that you don’t need to purchase a compatible Britax stroller to ensure use with this seat, as long as you have the adjustor strap to use with your current stroller model. The harness is easily adjustable, which is particularly convenient as your child grows.

Additional Features

The bubble level is a great feature that makes proper installation ( level ) of the car seat into the car easy. A parent can simply look to the bubble level to ensure the seat is installed in a safe and even manner, although the bubble level could benefit from being in a more convenient location. The anti-rebound bar adds extra rotational force protection in the event of front or rear accidents, as the added head protection cushions from side impact energy.

Warranty & Support

Britax offers a 12 month warranty for the Chaperone baby car seat. Customers can download user manuals and installation support documents from the Britax website

Review Summary

The Britax Chaperone is a premium car seat that has a design which focuses on safety first. The anti-rebound bar is perfect for absorbing different type of impact energy, and the extra foam and padded protection keeps the child safe and secure as it absorbs much of the force. The simple to use and simple to adjust harness allows this to be a car seat able to grow easily with your child, as you won’t need to fight to adjust for a perfect fit. With a simple adaptor strap, you can use the Britax Chaperone car seat with a myriad of different stroller models, and you won’t be forced to stick with the Britax brand strollers if you happen to have another stroller in mind.

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