Brother PC420 PRW Sewing Machine


Brother PC420 PRW Sewing Machine Review

Sewing Capabilities

The Brother PC420 PRW sewing machine boasts 294 built-in stitch patterns including utility, decorative, satin, cross, and letters in 3 different fonts. Included with the unit is the “My Custom Stitch” program so that the user can design their own stitches and save them to the machine. Stitch length and width are also adjustable.

The Brother PC420 PRW offers 10 button-hole styles that let the user customize clothing in a one-step process. A twin needle is included for hems and other projects. The automatic functions in this unit include a needle threader, drop-in bobbin, bobbin winder, and a thread cutter. The tension is controlled manually, which is a bit tougher for beginners to accomplish.

The speed on this sewing machine is well above average at 850 stitches per minute, making quick work of whatever project you tackle. A speed control slider is included for those who are working on more precise and delicate items, or just want to slow down and enjoy the ride.

A 6-point feed dog system helps the fabric to move smoothly through the machine and it can be lowered to sew in any direction.


The Brother PC420 PRW comes with an LCD screen that allows users to select popular preset stitches with the push of a button and read error messages should the machine have a problem. You can also scroll through the screen to get instructions for threading and bobbin winding. Plus, you can choose from 14 different languages to display.

The throat of the Brother PC420 PRW is 7.4-inches, which is larger when compared to other sewing machines in this category, but does not include an extension table. Part of the table is removable for free-arm sewing.

The PC420PRW is a heavy duty sewing machine and weighs 20 pounds making it harder to transport. Unique to this unit is a knee lifter which is a hands-free way to lift the foot pedal to make sewing more efficient. 


There are 13 adjustable presser feet that come with this unit. Some of the feet include a button fitting foot, a non-stick foot for use when working with a leather or vinyl material, a quilting foot for free-motion, and an open toe foot for use when working with intricate designs.

Other included accessories are:

  • Seam ripper
  • 4 bobbins
  • 6 pack of needles (varying sizes)
  • Twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Screwdrivers
  • Spool caps
  • Spool pin
  • Spool net
  • “My Custom Stitch” design set and accessories

An organizer tray for accessories is located right in the machine. This unit comes with a hard cover case.

Brother PC420 PRW – Review Summary

The Brother PC420 PRW sewing machine is full of options and features that can overwhelm a beginner. However, because of the easy-to-use manual, automated features, and innovative design of the machine, a sewing novice can learn the basics quickly and with pleasure. An advanced sewer can use this unit for more technical and advanced projects. The warranty on this unit covers 25 years for the chassis casting, 6 years on electronic components and printed circuit boards, and 2 years on labor and accessories.