Combi Shuttle 35 Baby Car Seat


Combi Shuttle 35 – Baby Car Seat Review

The Combi Shuttle 35 is a car seat suited for newborns and infants up to 35 lbs in weight and 33″ in height, making it one of the more versatile baby car seats on the market in terms of usage limitations. . The car seat base has a bubble level indicator to ensure the base has been installed evenly and properly.


The Combi Shuttle 35 was designed with safety in mind, which is proven by the anti-rebound bar attached to the seat itself. The anti-rebound bar is placed on the car seat itself, which allows the seat to keep this safety feature whether it is being used with its base or not, thereby allowing the seat to not lose this safety feature in the event of it being moved to another vehicle, that does not have the base installed. Energy-absorbant EPS foam lining and adjustable headrest padding is included to keep smaller newborns safe and comfortable, while it can be removed as the child grows larger.

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Ease of Use

The Combi Shuttle 35 is excellent in terms of convenience, and this is a car seat that is truly made for travel. The seat fits seamlessly with many Combi strollers, which allows you to unload and go easily during travel. The anti-rebound bar being placed on the seat, rather than the base, makes it simple to take the seat out of one vehicle and install it simply into another without losing any safety features.

Additional Features

This car seat boasts adjustable head support which provides extra protection and extra comfort to your child while traveling. The Combi Shuttle 35 is also easy to install into any type of car, so whether you’re placing it into an SUV or a small sporty car, you’ll always find it has a snug and secure, yet comfortable, fit. Also, the cushions of the Combi Shuttle 35 are completely machine washable, which keeps this car seat easy to clean.

Warranty  & Support

The Combi Shuttle 35 comes with a one-year warranty as offered by most baby car seat manufacturers.

Review Summary

The Combi Shuttle 35 is a car seat that provides equal parts comfort and safety to your child while on the go. Compatible with many Combi stroller models, it is also a car seat that makes travel a seamless transition whether you’re going into the car or out of it. The adjustable head rest and padding allow for the seat to be used safely with children of all sizes, and the anti-rebound bar attached to the seat allows this to be a car seat great for travel safety. While the single crotch buckle position may pose some difficulty as the child gets older, it’s the anti-rebound bar that will allow them to go without the base as they begin to grow out of it.