Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Electric Wheelchair Review


Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Electric Wheelchair Review 2016

The differentiating attribute of the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus electric wheelchair is the way in which it folds for transportation. The lightweight design makes for faster speeds than the average electric wheelchair chair, yet there is still enough power in this model to climb a grade of 6 degrees like its heavier competitors. With a comfortable seat, adjustable arm and headrests, and long battery life, one can see why this chair is among the top rated models on the market.


The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is one of the fastest electric wheelchairs on the market, cruising in at maximum speeds of 5 mph. This allows the rider to keep up better when travelling with others. One must bear in mind that the weight of the rider can lower the maximum speed capability of any electric power wheelchair. The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs and the HD version of this model has a generous 400 lbs limit.

The battery life on the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is 15 miles. Though not the longest distance of all electric wheelchair models, this is still slightly above average for a battery charge, which provides the rider with the ability to cover more distance than similar models before needing a recharge.

The turning radius is not as sharp as other electric wheelchairs, coming in at 33 inches. However, the tires are flat-free and the ground clearance is a higher than most at 4 inches, giving the rider a unique ability to clear various obstacles and navigate over slightly rougher terrain.

Comfort & Design

The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus has been designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and has a different design approach than most other models in this category. Upon first glance, one notices that it looks like a standard wheelchair, meaning that it can actually fold in half. This is very useful for travel, as it easily makes the transition from usage to storage mode. The weight of this model is also lighter than many, coming in at 146 pounds including the battery, which is a positive point when needing to transport by car or van.

The standard 22 inch seat width makes this model versatile and able to accommodate many different users. While the foam cushion increases comfort levels, it should be noted that this may not give the same degree of comfort as other electric power wheelchairs
( see Drive Medical Titan X23 Wheelchair Review ) in this category, mainly due to the folding capability of its design. Headrests and armrests are height-adjustable. Foot rests are swing away with heel loops and elevated leg rests are available.

Color availability provides a choice between black and a silver vein finish, which are both stylish and simple. 

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus – Review Summary

The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus electric wheelchair is high on transportability due to its lightweight frame and foldability. With top speeds of 5 mph and high clearance of 4 inches, this model outranks may others in its class. Standard features such as a seat with increased width and comfort cushioning, swing away footrests, and adjustable options make this simple ride well worth the price. Quality customer service is provided via phone, email, or live chat. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, 14 month warranty on the drive train, and a six-month manufacturer warranty on the batteries, which are some of the best warranties available. If you are an active person who wants an electric wheelchair that will let you get around with slightly higher ground clearance and top speed, this is the certainly one to consider.

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Top Speed 5 mph
Maximum Range 15 miles
Turning Radius 33″
Climbing Angle 6°
Ground Clearance 4″