Drive Medical Image EC Electric Wheelchair Review


Drive Medical Image EC Wheelchair Review

The Drive Medical Image EC electric wheelchair has a solid feel and is a solid choice for use indoors, from the home to the shopping mall. A speed of 4 mph and a climbing angle of 6 degrees makes it speedy enough to keep up in public places. A turning radius of 27.5 inches makes the unit easy to get around in places where corners are sharp and traffic is congested. The padded captain’s chair is comfortable and with adjustable arm, foot and headrests, the unit can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user.


Since the Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair is mid-wheel drive, the user gets the feeling of full support and control. Independent adjustable suspension from the front swivel anti-tippers mean that the user has a noticably smoother ride. The Drive Medical Image EC wheels are flat-free and do not leave marks on the flooring.

The turning radius is 27.5-inches, which helps the user to get around the home better, from negotiating tighter corners to maneuvering around objects. Though the ground clearance is only 2-inches, which makes this a better unit for indoor use, it still allows the user to maneuver well in cluttered areas.

The Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair can reach a speed of 4 mph, which is more than enough to keep up when out at the mall or any other indoor venue. The climbing angle is 6 degrees, which will give the rider sufficient power for getting up inclines such as ramps. One should keep in mind that the weight of the user can affect both the speed and the climbing angle.

Comfort & Design

Color shrouds are interchangeable in red or blue so the Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair can be customized to fit the preferred taste of the wheelchair user. The flip-up foot plate is angle, height, and depth adjustable. The seat back reclines for comfort and the full-size captain’s chair is available in widths of 18 or 20 inches to accommodate any size and comfort level desired.

The Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair has armrests that are padded and adjustable, even removable if the user prefers to have less restriction in this area. The headrest can also be adjusted as needed and a swivel seat makes it easier to mount and dismount the unit comfortably. The Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair is designed to accommodate users up to 300 pounds in weight and typically offers around 15 miles usage before needing its battery charged.

The joystick can be mounted on either the left or right side which is an option that is not commonly offered in other units in this class. The seat folds down to make the unit more portable.

Drive Medical Image EC – Review Summary

The Drive Medical Image EC electric wheelchair is a mid-wheel drive mobility solution for use inside the home, or out in public venues that are mainly indoors. The turning radius helps the user get around the home with ease, and the unit is comfortable and adjustable in many key areas. Though the unit does not have as many choices or options as some of the other models in its class, this is a stable and solid built electric wheelchair  that provides a comfortable and controlled ride. The Drive Medical Image EC wheelchair has a lifetime warranty on the frame, seat post, platform, and frame welds. A 14-month warranty covers the electronic controller, motor and the gearbox assembly. Battery warranty is standard at 6 months.