Drive Medical Titan X23 Electric Wheelchair Review


Drive Medical Titan X23 Electric Wheelchair Review

For use indoors and outdoors, the Drive Medical Titan X23 electric power wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4 mph and a battery life of 15 miles per charge. Comfort is of the highest level, with various seat selections and adjustability that offer a customized ride. The warranty is also noteworthy and above many that others have to offer.


The Drive Medical Titan X23 wheelchair’s turning radius is tighter than most electric wheelchairs in this category at just 25 inches, providing good control with nimble steering. The maximum speed level is average compared to other power wheelchairs, but speed also relies on the weight of the rider. The climbing angle for this model is an incline of 6 degrees.

Wheels are anti-tip and flat-free and a 10 inch drive diameter provides the rider with more control, stability, and security in various situations. Tires are also non-marking, keeping floors clean.

Comfort & Design

Panels come in interchangeable colors of both blue and red, allowing the rider to accommodate their preference. The Drive Medical Titan X23 electric wheelchair provides several options for seat comfort. The rider can choose between different heights of captain’s seat, which are adjustable and able to recline. The seat provides contours, hip guides, and troughs for the legs to provide better comfort and positioning to the rider. The seat also swivels for easier-in, easier-out mounting and dismounting. Arm rests are padded, flip-up, and removable for comfort and convenience.

The Drive Medical Titan X23 electric wheelchair folds down for easier transportation and better storage. Assembly and disassembly of the unit is quick and easy because of UniFrame construction; no tools required. This means fewer moving parts and fewer pieces to handle. Parts break down to be small enough for easy transport.

Though less bulky than its competitors, weighing in at 158 pounds, the Drive Medical Titan X23 electric wheelchair is robust enough to carry riders up to 300 pounds with ease. The base is sturdy and strong, the heaviest part of the unit, weighing in at 68 pounds.

Drive Medical Titan X23 Wheelchair – Review Summary

A great chair with a great warranty; Lifetime on the frame, fourteen months on the electronic controller and drive train components, and 6 months on the batteries. The Drive Medical Titan X23 electric power wheelchair boasts superb comfort in the captain’s seat, as well as adjustable parts such as footrests, armrests, and headrests. Interchangeable panels make the unit easy to customize for the rider, and a sturdy body construction and tires increase confidence in safety. Even though some performance details are just at an average compared to other similar models, such as speed, incline capability and battery life, this wheelchair has enough going for it to be a worthy all-round competitor.