EcoReco M5 Scooter Review


EcoReco M5 Scooter Review

The EcoReco M5 scooter is a stylish and comfortable electric scooter that is great for adults and teens who want to independently commute without having to take a car. It has full suspension( front & back), a lithium battery, and a rear-wheel motor that provides excellent handling and acceleration. Travel range on a single full charge is approximately 20 miles depending on the weight of the rider.

The acceleration and drive of the EcoReco M5 scooter feels assured and one gets the general feeling that this unit is certainly of a higher quality than most of the other models in our electric scooter reviews.

EcoReco M5 Features

  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • 250 Watt DC Brushless Motor
  • 36 Volt Rechargeable Battery
  • Non Puncture Tires
  • Anti-Jerking Accelerator
  • LED Dashboard
  • Safe-Start Throttle
  • Solid Rubber No-Puncture Tires
  • Wide Foot Deck
  • Retractable Kickstand

With its front and rear suspension and high battery life, the EcoReco M5 scooter is perfect for those with a short commute to work every day or those who often need to run short errands. Because it is made to withstand slightly more rugged terrain, you don’t have to worry about small potholes or nicks in the road, as the EcoReco M5 scooter is designed to go over them with ease. It is still recommended to try to avoid them to help maintain the life of your wheels, as they can become worn down over time, but you don’t need to worry about flat tires as they are puncture free! The non-slip deck width is a generous 5.5 inches, making it comfortable to ride with your feet placed at almost any angle to maintain good balance, and the retractable kickstand makes it easy to balance the scooter while not in use.

The EcoReco M5 scooter has a safe-start finger operated throttle for easing into its maximum 20 miles per hour top speed, and it folds in just a few seconds, for ease of storage or carrying onto a train or into the trunk of your car. The LED display makes it easy to keep up with how fast you’re going, your battery life, and trip distance, so you know how far you’re able to go before having to charge it again. At 34 pounds in weight, it may be a heavy to carry for longer periods of time for the average person. For shorter distances or up stairs, however, it’s perfectly portable.

If you’re an adult, young or old, who is looking for a sleek, comfortable, and stylish way to get to work or run your local errands, the EcoReco M5 scooter is one of the best electric scooters we have reviewed. It is robust, easy to use, portable, and compact when folded for easy storage. It also charges to 80% capacity in approximately 2 hours so you can get power up at work, college or school in time for a lunchtime ride or the end of day journey home.