Evenflo Embrace LX Baby Car Seat


Evenflo Embrace LX Baby Car Seat Review

The Evenflo Embrace LX is a car seat suited to fit children between 4 and 35 pounds, and this rear-facing seat includes extra head protection that can be adjusted as your child grows. Compatible with 4 other Evenflo travel systems, the Embrace can also make going from the car to going to other activities simple, quick and easy. The shock absorbing foam allows the child extra protection in the event of an accident.


The Evenflo Embrace LX has plenty of safety features to provide parents with peace of mind that their infant is well protected in their car seat. Energy and shock absorbing foam goes into the construction of the seat to allow for less impact to be felt by the child in the event of an accident, and side protection allows the child to be protected from lateral forces. The Evenflo Embrace LX also comes with extra adjustable head protection included, to allow maximum protection where it matters most, while they grow from newborn to infant.

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Ease of Use

The cushions of the Evenflo Embrace LX are machine washable, so should any drops or spills occur, the seat is very simple to clean and the cushions cab be put back easily. The car seat is also compatible with 4 different Evenflo strollers, so going from the car to the stroller can be a really seamless transition. The Evenflo Embrace LX can even be installed safely without a base, which allows the model to work very well when travelling in different cars with your baby.

Additional Features

The car seat features an adjustable base with 3 different positions to allow a child of any size between 4 and 35 pounds to sit comfortably and safely in the car. The 5 position handle provides a way for the car seat to be carried comfortably during travel, which allows the baby to be moved in the comfort of both the parent and the child. The Evenflo Embrace LX also has a 6 year lifespan, which makes it a cost effective choice for use with multiple children or if it were to be handed down to other parents after use.

Warranty & Support

Evenflo offers a six-year limited warranty for the Embrace LX baby car seat as standard. Evenflo’s customer support agents are  available for customers needing access to installation assistance and/or user manuals etc…

Review Summary

The Evenflo Embrace LX allows for great convenience, and the car seat is one that safely and comfortably fit infants in a wide range of sizes. The adjustable head cushion enables your child to be optimally protected while growing from newborn to infant status. With energy absorbing foam, your child will not only be kept comfortable, but safer in the event of an accident, as the padding is able to absorb some of the forces felt during an impact. The car seat can also be safely installed without a base, which allows it to be moved and transferred to other cars with ease. While the fabric making up the cushions has been known to irritate some children’s skin, it is machine washable and easy to remove.