FOLD-N-GO Electric Wheelchair Review 2016


FOLD-N-GO Electric Wheelchair Review

The FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair has the ability to take the user on almost any adventure they choose. With a top speed of 4 mph, a climbing degree of 12, and a battery life that lasts 12 hours between charges, this electric wheelchair goes where you want it to go. It is super-portable and lightweight, meaning that it can fit in any trunk and be taken just about anywhere. Though not as comfortable as others, this unit still provides padded seating to keep the ride pleasant.


The FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair is excellent for those who need the flexibility of having a folding wheelchair that is easily transported in a car, without the need to install a wheelchair ramp. The FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair boasts an impressive climbing angle of 12 degrees, which is excellent, but one should bare in mind that performance of any electric wheelchair is dependent on the weight of the user.

The FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair allows approximately 12 miles per battery charge. The lithium ion battery charges in around 5 hours, is lightweight and is certified safe for airplane travel. There is a capability for use of an extra battery that can be purchased separately, allowing you to extend the usage by almost double.

The controls are simple and easy to use and the unit has a brake feature that will stop the chair quickly when necessary. Rear safety wheels prevent tipping and are used to aid transport of the wheelchair when not in use.

Comfort & Design

This FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair weighs in at 46 pounds, which means that portability is at the highest level. The unit folds up easily and since it is such a compact size, the unit fits easily in the trunk of a standard sized vehicle so there is no need to buy a van or SUV to get around.

The design of this unit is updated and modern. There are many colors available from FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair so that you can select your color. The unit comes with extra storage and a bag under the seat gives you room to carry anything you want to take with you.

The user weight capacity of the FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair is 265 pounds. Though this unit is comfortable and has a back and seat cushion, there is not a captain’s chair or a headrest for those who are looking for a bit more relaxation.

FOLD-N-GO Electric Wheelchair – Review Summary

Without a captain’s chair, headrest, or other adjustable features that other electric wheelchair models offer, the FOLD-N-GO Electric Wheelchair makes up for this in its portability. Just as its name implies, the FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair folds easily for transport, and unfolds just as quickly to get you moving. This wheelchair is good choice for those who are out and about a lot , looking to limit the restrictions that other electric wheelchair can impose, such a vehicle lifts. Perhaps not the ideal chair for everyday use, the FOLD-N-GO electric wheelchair is a great choice when you need to get out and about.

Wheelchair Weight: 46 lbs
Max User Weight : 265 lbs
Turning Radius : 31.5 degrees
Climbing angle:  12°
Ground clearance: 3 inches
Battery Distance : 12 miles