Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 Electric Wheelchair Review


Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 Review 2016

The Golden Tech Compass Sport GP605 is one of the top electric wheelchair models available in the market. The turning radius is impressive at just 19.5 inches, while the maximum speed achievable is 4.5 mph, based on weight of the rider. An extended battery life of 19.5 hours per charge is one of the highest in this category. The Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 is customizable, with various widths and types of seat available, as well as customizable arm and footrests.


The Golden Compass Sport GP605 electric wheelchair is designed to get around easily in tight spaces, with a turning radius of 19.5 inches. For those who live in a small apartment, the ease of use makes this an ideal chair. For those who enjoy public outings, this means a much easier ride when trying to navigate busier or more congested areas such as shopping malls or restaurants.

Since speed can often be a factor on electric wheelchairs models, it is important to understand that this model can travel at a speed up to 4.5 mph, which is slightly faster than many competitor models in this category. Weight of the rider is essential to keep in mind, simply for the fact that heavier riders might not be able to achieve the higher speeds. The Golden Tech Compass Sport has a maximum user weight limit of 300lbs.

With six wheels on the ground during travel, the ride is super smooth and sturdy, even on a more complex terrain. Ground clearance is 3.25 inches, far higher than standard clearance of 2.6 inches, making this wheelchair one that is able to navigate better over slightly bumpier ground.

Since long battery life is essential when planning an outing, it is worth noting that the Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 has a battery life of 19.5 miles per-charge. Similar brands on the market are limited to 12-15 miles per-charge; those extra miles can come in useful when it comes to a prolonged trip.

The climbing angle on this model is 6 degrees, which is average in comparison with other models on the market. However, this is still high enough to travel over minor inclines.

Comfort & Design

The Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 has several options available for seat width and depth, meaning that drivers can upgrade to a larger, or smaller, seat if needed. All seats are captain-style with high backs and headrests. The Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 electric wheelchair has a  sleek profile to ensure ease of maneuverability, improved mobility, and a better climbing advantage. Available in two dynamic colors, candy apple red and blue, this gives the owner stylish options that are beyond a standard black or neutral colors.

Footrests and seat heights are adjustable to give the rider a customized fit and comfort level. Armrests and seat are foldable, making it not only easier to get out of the chair, but easier to transport the chair to desired destination.

Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 – Review Summary

A tight turning radius, good speed maximum, and long battery life are important options when it comes to increasing one’s mobility. Good for indoor and outdoor use, the solidity of this chair is outstanding, with 6-wheel stability on the ground and high clearance. The Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 design not only looks good, but it feels good, with multiple options for customization. It would be tough to beat this easy-to-maneuver wheelchair when it comes to simplicity in the driving and reliability in the structure. A solid all-rounder, that when combined with the lifetime warranty on the frame and a solid 13 months on electronic components and drive train, earn the Golden Technologies Compass Sport GP605 the Reviewist 2016 Electric Wheelchair Editor’s Choice Award.