KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair Review


KD Smart Chair Electric Wheelchair Review 2016

The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair has a sturdy feel, but is ultra transportable due to its lightweight design and folding capability. The top speed can reach 5 mph, and the battery life has an average of 15 miles per charge. Though the maximum turning radius is 31.5 inches, this chair can still maneuver well, indoors and outdoors. The climbing angle is certainly impressive, at around double that of most other models. Seat padding is ample, but may not be suitable for all day usage.


The ultralight frame of the KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair weighs only 50 pounds, making it easy to fold up into a very compact size and pop into any type of vehicle for transport. By boat, by plane, or by car, this is one electric wheelchair that is easy to stow and go. There is a user weight limit of 265 pounds, which is lower than the typical 300 pound average, however KD Healthcare also offer the KD Smart Chair Heavy Duty version which is designed for user weight limits of around 400 lbs.

The turning radius of 31.5 inches is not particularly impressive, but as the KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair is fairly compact, it is still easy to maneuver. Of particular note is the impressive climbing angle of 12 degrees which is one of the highest angles of any electric wheelchair on the market. The ground clearance is average of this type of electric wheelchair at 3.1 inches.

The speed limits of the KD Smart Chair can reach 5 mph, which is faster than many other models. Keep in mind that the weight of the rider, terrain and battery levels can affect the speed.


Comfort & Design

The main selling point of the KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair is its lightweight, foldable and maneuverable frame that allows the user to collapse the unit easily and quickly for transport or storage. Made of solid aluminum amalgam, the unit is still sturdy and durable despite its weight.

Standard features include a seat belt and wheel locks, and extra features such as a storage tray by the footrests. Be aware that the seat has no headrest, and although the padding on the seat is comfortable, this is not the same level of comfort afforded by the more luxurious captains chair’s available with other models. The seat and cover are removable for easy cleaning.

The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair is equipped with dual wheel brushless motors that are more proficient than brushed motors. The joystick mounting is available for left or right side, depending on preference. Clever design allows the batteries to be slotted into the frame of the KD Smart electric wheelchair, which in turn frees up the area under the seat for storage of personal belongings and shopping items etc…

KD Smart Electric Wheelchair – Review Summary

The KD Smart Chair electric wheelchair is a great choice for those who want to be able to fold up their chair and move it to the next destination. Excellent for those who are constantly on the go, it provides the freedom to enjoy the activities and places you love without much restriction. Though easy to maneuver, the turning radius is not the sharpest, so one must be accurate in the navigation. The warranty covers only 5 years on the frame and 1 year on the electronic components and batteries. However, the manufacturer does offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, which is not often seen on other electric wheelchair models. Also, replacement parts are relatively inexpensive and the chair requires almost zero maintenance.