Neato Botvac Connected Review


Neato Botvac Connected

The Neato Botvac Connected vacuum has a couple of key strengths when compared to other robot vacuums in it category. The Neato Botvac Connected cleans close to the edges of rooms and has a lower height profile than most, making it easier to reach places under furniture such as sofas and cabinets. There are two modes giving you the option of getting the job done quicker, or to save battery power and reduce noise level on an eco-saving mode. Battery life is around standard at 90 minutes for normal mode and 120 minutes in Eco mode, while re-charging takes approximately 3 hours.


The cleaning performance of this unit is very good on carpet and hard surfaces, picking up most types of debris with its string suction capability. The unit begins by cleaning the perimeter of the room and then sweeps across the room in parallel lines pattern, multiple times, while avoiding furniture. The maneuverability of this unit is well above most other models in this class.

On the off chance that the unit does miss a spot on the carpet, it can easily be redirected. The control buttons on the top of the unit allow for instructions such as reset and spot cleaning and schedule settings among other commands.


The Botvac Connected stands out with its technological advancements. An well designed app lets you connect this unit to your smartphone or tablet (iOS and Android). You can control the Botvac and set up cleaning schedules through the app; you can even kick start the unit to vacuum when you are out, so you arrive home to find the vacuum cleaning has been done. Once the unit finishes its job, you’ll get a notification to your phone.

The unit includes magnetic boundary markers which are used to keep it from venturing into rooms or areas where it should not go. Once the task is complete, the unit returns to its docking station for recharge.


The app for the Neato Botvac Connected is one of the coolest features of the unit, allowing you to schedule and control it without having to pick it up or bend over to use the on-board controls. However, it can still be controlled this way for those who like to rely less on technology. This is a great robot vacuum for those who are looking for a thorough cleaning, with special attention to the edges of the room. A 1-year warranty is offered on parts and labor and the unit will be replaced or repaired if anything goes wrong with it in the first year. There are guides and website support offered by the manufacturer and how-to videos are also available online.

Overall, the Neato Botvac Connected is a strong contender for anyone considering a purchase a robot vacuum with strong suction, great navigation and room coverage, while remaining easy to use.