Pride Jazzy 600-ES Electric Wheelchair Review


Pride Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair Review 2016

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair provides it’s users with class leading maneuverability due to its mid wheel drive, giving a tight turning radius of just 20.5 inches. It’s climbing angle of 7.5 degrees gives the rider confidence in tackling higher inclines. Able to travel at a maximum speed of 4 mph, this chair can take the rider 17 miles between battery charges. Comfort is of the highest level and is customizable with several options to choose from when ordering, such as seat type and size, and both armrest and footplate options.


The Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair turning radius is one of the sharpest on the market and when combined with the superb Active-Trac suspension, this really is a super agile option. For this reason, the chair can navigate corners and tight spots. It is ideal for small apartment living as well as taking out shopping in a crowded store.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair uses mid-wheel drive that allows the rider to travel easily over multiple terrains. Also in use is the Active-Trac ATX suspension system, which provides a much smoother ride while remaining super stable throughout. Of particular note is the Omni-castor which not only add extra stability but have a unique feature, which allows them to drop down to make initial contact with the ground when the wheelchair is coming down off a curb or other similar obstacle. This really adds to the feeling of control and stability which is a major plus point of this model. The ground clearance on the Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair is 3 inches which is fine if you are not planning anything out of the normal day to day usage.

Comfort & Design

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair comes with high back quality seat which is a true all day comfort option. Seat choices include width, style, and depth. Footplates and front rigging are customizable and the armrest options are plentiful.

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair is rather heavy compared to most other models, with the heaviest piece alone weighing in at 138lb. The batteries are located in the front of the unit and the free-wheel lever system is mounted on the side to provide easy access to the rider. The over-all build quality of the Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair is of the highest level, which in turn translates to a feeling of security, stability and super smooth maneuverability. The maximum user weight for the Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair is 300 lbs.

Pride Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair  – Review  Summary

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair is a good, durable power wheelchair for those who want a chair with muscle. The incline grade is above average, as is the distance traveled per battery charge; 17 miles per charge gives the rider more freedom when out and about. There is a five year warranty that covers the repair or replacement of the main frame and the seat post. Also included is a thirteen-month limited warranty that covers electronic components as well as some plastic components. Batteries are covered by a six-month warranty. In summary, this is defiantly one the top specification and highest build quality electric wheelchair models we have reviewed. Though the unit is heavy, there is more than enough power, ground clearance and battery life to get you around both indoors and out, and the maneuverability and comfort levels are outstanding.

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Top Speed 4 mph
Maximum Range 17 miles
Turning Radius 22″
Climbing Angle 7.5°
Ground Clearance 3″