Singer S900 Inspiration Sewing Machine Review


Singer S900 Inspiration Review

The Singer S900 Inspiration sewing machine has a lot of great features for those who are both just starting out, or have previous experience using sewing machines. The Drop and Sew bobbin system and automatic needle threader make it easy to get started without the strain of threading the needle through the bobbin yourself. It comes equipped with an auto-pilot function to eliminate the use of the foot pedal without relinquishing control, as you are still able to adjust the speed with the speed control lever. In addition to this, it also has 6 fully automatic, 1-step buttonholes to make sewing on buttons a breeze for the novice.


With 100 stitch selections to choose from, the Singer S900 Inspiration is definitely ideal for any project you can think of. This selection includes 9 essential stitches, 8 stretch stitches, 7 buttonhole stitches, and 76 decorative stitches, and the selections are made by pattern images, making stitch selection quick and easy. This machine also has a built-in LCD display that will let you know the stitch selection you have chosen as well as the set width and length so you can take a break without worrying about losing where you left off.

The Singer S900 Inspiration provides powerful customization control at your fingertips with adjustable stitch width, length and 13 needle positions, giving you the ability to take on any project, no matter how big or small. Some neat features include the ability to reinforce the stitch by automatically reversing back across the stitch, by the push of a button.


In addition to the many convenience features included with the Singer S900 Inspiration, it also comes with a few standard accessories to make sewing easier for you. It comes with an extra-high pressure foot lifter for more clearance when working with multiple layers or bulky fabric, as well as automatic foot pressure control to give you confidence while working. It comes with a seam ripper for easy clean-up of messy or accidental stitching, and a built-in extension table to provide more room when working on bigger projects. It also includes snap-on presser feet for easier swap-out without the use of a screwdriver, and on-board storage to keep all your other sewing accessories with you at all times for easier access.

Singer S900 Inspiration – Review Summary

Whether you’re a novice or a professional, you’ll find the balance between capability and usability in the Singer S900 Inspiration. Its user-friendly features make it a breeze to learn with, and its heavy-duty design helps give you confidence that you’re getting good-quality, smooth looking results with every project.